Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Highlights

Halloween may be over but we're just taking a peek at the spooky fun we had that night. JiT and I hosted a low key Halloween party last Saturday.

While the party itself was lots of fun I think we enjoyed the setup almost as much. We collected glass bottles all month and decorated them with spooky labels. I baked cayenne spiced chocolate cupcakes with 'blood splatters' on top.

We also served witch finger breadsticks, eye of newt dip, evil empanadas with awful salsa, boo chips with gack-a-moldy and homemade toasted pumpkin seeds.

We had a great time decorating too. I didn't want to spend a ton of money buying pre-made decorations so we got creative.
I made this mobile out of bats cut from scrapbook paper. We covered the furniture with old white sheets; made 'science experiments' by submerging cauliflower in green water and we place candles everywhere.

Of course our favorite thing to decorate was Zoey, who spent the entire weekend in her bat wings (I think she liked all the attention).

Things have been pretty crazy lately with work and school and other surprises so it was really nice to take a few days to get creative, celebrate the season and see good friends.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner hopefully we'll a have time for more fun, creative and tasty celebrations.

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