Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's A New Year; It's A New Life...

Welcome to 2011! As I sat here this morning munching on my traditional New Years Day mish mosh bagel with homemade veggie cream cheese, my intention was to share all we've been up to these past few months, perhaps throwing in a quick recipe idea.

But as I began looking back at the year that has past, then forward at the year that lays ahead, the sheer enormity overwhelmed me. There's just too much. I don't know how to write it eloquently so, instead I'll get straight to the point:

1. In October, we received the happy news that we're expecting a baby.

2. Last month, I finished school, earning my culinary/personal chef certification.

3. Two weeks ago, JiT accepted an incredible job offer as Creative Director with an advertising agency based on Miami, which means we're moving to Florida later this month.

4. In preparation for the move and the baby on the way, I've resigned from my full-time public relations job. My final day will be this Wednesday. Once we move to Miami, I'm planning to spend a lot more time working on this blog (and JiT has been helping me with a new logo and complete site redesign). I may also pursue part-time work in the culinary field but my main job will be preparing to be a mom.
There. That just about sums it up. I feel better now. Though I suppose a few details are in order.

First up: The Baby

We are SO excited! The news was a bit of a surprise at first. We weren't aggressively "trying" at the time and had only been "not trying not to" for about a month and with my crazy school scheduled we'd assumed it would take a lot longer. Even so, we're absolutely thrilled with the news.

The first few months were incredibly exhausting. Working a very demanding job by day, then attending culinary school until almost midnight three nights in a row each week left me absolutely dragging. Most weekends this fall were spent recovering and naps became my new best friend. By Thanksgiving, I was pretty much counting the days until I finished school, just so I'd be able to rest. Luckily though, beyond the exhaustion, I never experienced too many other pregnancy symptoms. A little bit of queaziness but I never had full-on morning sickness or anything else of much concern.

Most importantly, Sweet Pea (thats what we call him or her), seems to be thriving. Here's a pic of our little one at 11 weeks:

On top of that, now that I've started my second trimester, most of my early symptoms have
diminished. I still get tired, but not nearly as bad as before and I'm rarely queazy. Even better, we're finally making the news public, which has been such a joy to share. We told our families and a few close friends early on of course, but decided to hold off on sharing the news with our jobs, extended family and friends until we hit the 12 week mark, which also happened to be Christmas week.

Today I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant, with a due date of July 3rd. At this point, I've only gained a few pounds but I'm starting to get the slightest bit of a bump. We're looking forward to all the changes that the next six months are going to bring (not to mentioned the 18 or so years beyond!).

Here's a glimpse at my growing belly (though for now at least, my other assets seem to be the ones doing the most expansion...oi):

And now for our other news: Moving to Miami

So far, this one's still pretty fresh and the details haven't quit
e come together, but what we know is: JiT has a new job that he is VERY excited about and it makes me excited to see him so happy. I also have a new job that I'm excited about -- preparing to be a mom as well as being a more regular blogger.

The plan so far is that we'll be making an initial visit to Miami next week to look for a house to rent. Then we'll pack up and move for good by around mid-January. The prospect of what we're about to do still hasn't quite sunk in yet, but I'm more excited than nervous. I know it will be an adjustment. I've only been to Miami a few times (though JiT lived there in college and a few years there after), and I don't have any friends or family there. But JiT and I both feel ready for a clean start in a new place. I'm sure we'll have plenty of visitors (at least in the winter months). I'm also hoping that a baby bump and a very excited little puppy will provide lots of help as I'm trying to make new friends.

I'm so looking forward to sharing the adventure ahead with all of you. There are so many exciting details ahead: a new home to find and feather; a nursery to prepare, a new routine to develop, healthy meals to prepare and a belly to grow and a blog to rebuild (including that new logo and redesign I'm hoping to unveil in the next month or so). 2011 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for us and I hope for you too.

Does anyone else have exciting plans for the year ahead?


  1. AAH! Congratulations on all accounts!

  2. Rebecca, Congratulations on everything, especially your little sweet pea! What an exciting time 2011 will be for you!

  3. What exciting news on all fronts! Hopefully we'll have time to chat in the next few days...I'm only 6 weeks ahead of you...we find out gender on Friday:-) Will miss you, but wish you ALL the best!

  4. Congratulations on the baby and the big move. So many wonderful events to look forward to this year! Wishing you all the best!


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