Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Cullen Cupcakes" featured on E Online

Photo "courtesy" of E Online
My old "Vampire Bite" cupcakes were featured this week in an E Online story about Twilight themed desserts, part of their coverage of the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 (aka THE END). You can see that the image above (pulled from the E Online site) features my photo (see original below) with my cupcake and hands--MAH hands is Fay-moose! 

They've dubbed them "Cullen Cupcakes," which is creative if you're of the Twi-hard persuasion. JiT, staunchly planted in the nigh-Twi camp, was all: "What's a Cullen?" (Edward's last name...duhhh).

Strangely enough, I wasn't even aware that E Online was doing this story until a former colleague/friend emailed me about it. But I guess in today's Pinterest/Social-sharing-happy world, borrowing is the nicest form of did I mention my hands are FAMOUS? I'm like, Suri Cruise ya'll. 

Anyway, just thought it was funny. Also, for those of you who are planning to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 (would this be BDP2 in Twi-speak?), here's my recipe should you choose to celebrate with baked goods. Also...if you can find me a sitter, I'll totally join you at the matinee! 

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